New website for This Week in Startups coming…. thoughts?

34 thoughts on “New website for This Week in Startups coming…. thoughts?

  1. I love how clean it is.

    If I was a sponsor I may want a little more pop.

    The color coded channel dots in the upper left leave
    some exploration needed for comprehension but other then
    those two comments it kicks ass.

    Nice work and high five to the UI designer.

  2. Looks really good, Jason. I’d love to see some community
    building options on the site where listeners could connect
    so TWIST really leverages the platform it has for maximum

    Great work. You’re truly making a difference with what
    you’re doing. Thanks.

  3. Hi Jason,

    Very attractive! My two cents: I would reduce the
    font size of the episode number image/font (top right) and
    increase the font size of the show’s topic header and
    description. Maybe even move it up a bit. That’s what I read
    first to determine if it’s a topic I want to learn more about
    and watch – irrespective of the episode number.


  4. Looks very nice, reminds me of Hulu. One recommendation would be to make a show archive page separate from the blog posts so it’s easy to browse archives.

    Can’t wait for when it’s released!

  5. Wow. Great improvement! Can’t wait. For v2.5, how about some facebook connect stuff around seeing who else I know follows/watches the show and inviting them to the page?

  6. I like it but I just think there is a bit too much grey.
    When I hear the podcast I dont think grey, cos the podcast
    seems really lively to me.
    So yeah keep most of it but just put in a bit more color in

    but the layout is cool

  7. The new design looks great! One thing that would be nice to see for each episode in addition to the summary is a short list of links/twitter handles mentioned during the show. Right now that information is on the current site, but it’s buried in the Quick Reference Guide section (which links to the site). You can still include links to the website for a more thorough recap, but it would be nice to have links to the following information right on the site next to each episode.
    * Guest Info
    * In the News
    * Shark Tank
    * Ask Jason

    Excited for the release!

    Arsen Ovanessoff, CEO & Founder
    Mitto – Your Safe and Secure Online Password Manager

    Follow Us:

  8. Thumbs up. Clean design, easy to read and navigate.
    Adding the date (or making it more visible) would be a plus.

  9. It’s a lot better than the last one! But yes, I think it looks awesome and will make finding the content a lot easier. Looks like a great new website, for a great (relatively) new show.

    Keep the good content coming, Jason! I look forward to your show every week.

  10. Looks great!

    Love the separation between shows and news blogs and the more
    apparent integration with social media. Clean but funky, very

    I do miss the old graphic (or any graphic) in TWIST logo.

  11. I like the Hulu/rev3 rip-off style.
    It could be more clean / white.

    The old logo was way better. I miss the arrow.
    Jason – keep up the great work.

  12. 1. Very designery.

    2. Someone likes orange.

    3. Hope the sponsors like being less prominent than the social media badges.

    4. Is that Lon draped in the flag at the bottom? 😉

  13. I like it.
    Clean, easy to navigate and simple to understand.
    A winner.
    I look forward to it.
    I’ve just now caught up on all my TWiST episodes and I’m super motivated.

    “I am Zod, bring me the son of Jor-El!!!”

    Follow me and my company:

  14. I think you should include the Sponsors Twitter handle below
    their name and maybe a follow button for them? Increases
    the value of sponsorship which creates more rev for TWiST

  15. you should more color or sections under the news area, it looks wierd transitioning from a colorful top half to a text only bottom

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