Epic debate on middle east region in relation to human rights continues

I’ve been having an excellent, perhaps even productive, debate with my
freedom-loving brothers and sisters in the middle east since my off
the cuff remarks about the region in my “top tech products” email/blog

Please join this debate:

My latest comment (not yet approved)

I’m not a bigot or a crook–I’m honest.

Here are the basic facts:

1. The *majority* of the middle east region is hundreds of years
behind the rest of modern civilization when it comes to basic human
rights. Raping, beating and torturing women, gays and free thinkers is
the norm in majority of the middle east.

2. There has been progress in various countries including Jordan and Bahrain

3. There are intelligent, considered, freedom fighting individuals in
countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. These
individuals are, in large part, hiding in fear, have been murdered or
are locked in prisons where they are, in all likely hood, being

4. The middle east is the only significant region on the planet that
practices brutal things rapes, amputations and lashings as part of
their justice system.

Is there anything I’ve said above that is factually incorrect?

I don’t make these comments flippantly–I make them FACTUALLY. It’s
time for a real discussion about the brutality that is systematic and
accepted in these countries.

If you simply object to me referring to the “middle east region” with
one brush, I can refine that statement to say “most of the middle east
region” or make a list of specific countries. Would that make my
statements less offensive to you? I’d honestly like to know because
this is an important dialogue.

all the best,


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