My Dec. report card on Knicks coach Mike D'Antoni — what do you think Knicks fans?

Posted this over at New York Magazine…. Knicks fans what do you think?


"It fairly obvious that D'Antoni's tight rotation has our contract year/almost contract year players–and that's all we have–on tilt.

The economic impact of the short rotation is clear to the players: Nate Robinson is worth about $2M a season next year as an oddity for a second market team, David Lee is going to get that $12M a year deal (and a ring playing next to LeBron in NYC or Dallas) and Jarred Jeffries finally looks like a steal! Chris Duhon is back up to "quality backup" PG value, and Al Harrington is going to rocker from sixth man of the year to go-to offensive player for some team next year. 

Last year I hated D'Antoni's spiteful ways with Steph, this year I'm loving his "I'm gonna f- with your money if we don't get Ws strategy." 


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