Mahalo is looking for 12 more developers out of school/1-3 years experience, more:

Quick message to up and coming developers looking to crush it: Mahalo is hiring 12 developers in 2010 and you could be one of them. 

Dear Developer Looking to Crush it,

We have an amazing training program at Mahalo for folks who are hard-working, resourceful, positive and who want to take five years out of their career path.  

Mahalo is a pure meritocracy where the people who do the best work get rewarded and the people who can't keep up are, well, relieved of duty. If you're not fired with enthusiasm you'll be fired with enthusiasm! 

The team works really hard, but we have a lot of fun as well. We are using the latest technologies like Django and Cassandra, and if you join us you will be thrown into the deep end of the swimming pool. If you keep your head above water we will throw you a couple of bricks and see how you do. That's our philosophy: hire people who great potential and challenge the hell out of them (while providing killer support and training when they need it). 

If you're looking for a 9-5 gig where you can keep your head down and collect a pay check don't apply–we don't want you. Seriously, I don't care if you wrote the book on Python or MySQL… if you're not a hardworking maniac who is hungry as hell you're of no use to us. We need killers. So, if you're a killer who wants crush it with a bunch of killer who already crushing it send me your resume. 

Additional notes:
1. We pay about 15% less than the best programming gig, but we give stock options and the ability to learn a lot. If you're driven by cash comp this isn't the gig for you.
2. We have a full-time chef that serves health breakfast, lunch and snacks daily. No one else n Los Angeles does this.
3. We'll clean your car for you and do your laundry–literally. Seriously, we don't want you thinking about doing your laundry, cleaning your car or what you're doing to eat–let alone spending time on that non-sense. We want you focused on growing Mahalo from the 140th largest site in the United States to the 50th–and then to the top 25.  
4. We have a flat management structure. There are no middle managers, or managers of any kind. We believe in hiring people who don't need to be managed and giving different people a rotating title of "responsible engineer" on project. This means everyone gets to take a chance at leading. 
5. You'll have direct access to me, the founder and CEO. If you ever have a question or have an idea you can walk up to me and say "hey Jason, want to get a cup of coffee and discuss an idea I had?" and I will jump at the chance. I sit in "the pit" along with everyone else and we run the company transparently. 
6. You'll know everything that is going on at this start and learn how to be CEO/founder of your own company after a three or four years working with me. Take a look at Brian Alvey doing CrowdFusion, Peter Rojas and Ryan Block doing GDGT, Rafat Ali of PaidContent and Shawn Gold of Cocodot, to name just a few folks who have worked at companies I've run. They will tell you uniformly that we all learned A LOT at those companies (and we worked really hard). 

You have to be willing to live around and work in Santa Monica daily….. no remote, sorry. However, we love hiring folks from middle america and giving a shot to work at a company backed by the best investors in the world (like Sequoia Capital, News Corp, Elon Musk and Mark Cuban). We've grown the site from 0 to 15M uniques in 30 short months. In the next 30 months we would like to grow from 15M uniques to 60M. If we do that we'll have made a huge impact…. and you'll have something amazing to put on your resume. 

If you're interested in being a killer, on a killer team, email me your resume and tell me what your life has been like up to this point. If you've been stiffled and held back by middle managers and idiots all the better…. so was I until I worked at a startup. 

jason at

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