Looking for half-time/part-time tech blogger of note for This Week in Startups blog #twist details:

I'm looking for someone to do a blog post every day or two for the www.thisweekinstartups.com blog to "keep the conversation moving" between shows. For example, we now have 40 or so companies that have been on the show, I'd like to cover them inbetween episodes in a wrap up post (i.e. LocalBacon did this, WordPress announced this, etc). Also, maybe a pre-post about an upcoming guests (i.e. Sky Dayton preview).

Not to mention covering the TechCrunch50 and Open Angel Forum companies…… mostly these would be roundup posts with links to TechCrunch, GigaOm, VentureBeat New York Times and AllThingsD, but I'm not opposed to some original reporting in/around the TWIST companies.

If you're interested please ping me with your per post rate and some clips at jason at calacanis.com

3 thoughts on “Looking for half-time/part-time tech blogger of note for This Week in Startups blog #twist details:

  1. Hey Jason……thank you for all the great content in 2009…..
    across so many channels (email list, TWiT appearances, TWiST, Carolla show
    with your Tesla).

    Regarding your search for a TWiST blogger, why not throw some love in the
    direction of the blogger who has maintained a sort of “notes and commentary for
    TWiST shows” for quite a while. I don’t know the person….and I’ve never posted
    a comment there or otherwise corresponded with the blogger. Rather, I discovered
    that blog via a hyperlink on your TWiST site….and thought about it again when I
    saw this post from you requesting blogger nominations to lead your project.

    Best wishes to you and your (NOW LARGER!) family in 2010….and bring on as
    much content as your Mahalo, family, and TechCrunch50 responsibilities allow.
    Whether it’s measured in minutes or hours….I look forward to all of it! 🙂



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