My avatar review emailed to some friends

My avatar review emailed to some friends

The story, performances and characters are not bad or good–they are typical. The visuals, at least in 3D, are exceptional to the point at which I would say I’ve never seen anything like them in a film. In fact it feels otherworldly… Like hyper reality if that makes sense. There are moments, many of them, where you forget you are in a theater and feel like you’re running in the tree tops or flying on the back of a large bird. I had vertigo and heart racing fear of falling at times.

It is a must see, but not for the story part. The story is terrorism, coming of age, 9/11, odd-love rehash you’ve seen 1,000x. It doesn’t get in the way of the real story: ground-breaking visuals that transport you to another place. Avatar makes a Pixar movie look like an Atari 2600 game.

What did you think?

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  1. its an allegory showing all the aspects of humanity at all levels. It has all the rationales for committing crimes against humanity. And there is Hope and thats why i love this movie. Hope that someone can win in the eternal fight against some aspect of Evil. Its a brilliant movie without the graphical animation and the artistry that created the blue people of the tree of souls. Its a very spiritual movie. I expect to see it again and again to remind myself that something IS possible in this insane world that is destroying our soul our spirit and replacing it with false values of Success.
    I find it also a tremendous support of Technology used well
    Years ago I saw the very first Star Wars and I knew it was beyond anything prior in cinema. This movie Avatar is like that a breakthrough into a future of cinematic discovery
    This line particularly moved me –
    The Great Mother (the tree of souls) cannot take sides only only protects the balance of life
    from judehere

  2. Perfectly said. Dances with Wolves in Space. But the visuals are a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I’m still shocked the next day.

  3. Holywood rehashing a story line… That’s normal, as you said we’ve done this 999 times before 3D. The 3D technology allows us to feel like we are escapaing into the movie (If we can just get the person to stop talking on their cell phone next to us).

    I very much enjoyed the movie. It need a few throw away lines to answer a few questions (I`d spoil it if I said), and a definately need to see on the big screen é 3D to get the movie.

  4. “The story is terrorism, coming of age, 9/11, odd-love rehash you’ve seen 1,000x”

    Actually, I think it was more a message against empire building and mass consumerism than terrorism.

    The line where Col. Quaritch says “fight terror with terror” is where the entire cinema cringed and was polarised completely against the warmongering humans if they weren’t already.

  5. Pixars CG Animation abilities are far beyond what is on display in Avatar. I’m a CG Animatior and Pixar are undoubtedly the best in the industry from a technical standpoint. They have the best animators and the best in-house programs behind their visuals.

    Avatar is undoubtedly well made, but the CG Animation is not on the level of Pixar Animation studios.

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