Selling web rights to Jason's List (my email) for charity donation (media philanthropy) details:

Publishers (cc select friends/journos as an fyi),

I’m going to sell the web-rights to my email newsletter publishing to
whoever makes a donation of $1,000 per newsletter to Bay Ridge Prep’s
Scholarship fund for the underprivileged.

This is the private school in Brooklyn I’m on the board of. I donate
all my speaking fees to their scholarship fund, which helps
underprivileged kids from Brooklyn (think foster kids from Bed Stuy)
go to a private school with an average class size of 16. My hope is
that every year I can do 10-15 newsletters and generate $10-15k, which
would be matched by the school–putting a disadvantaged kid from
Brooklyn into private school for two years. So cool.

I call this strategy “media philanthropy” — the trading of media
assets that are not normally monetized (think my blog, Mark Cuban’s
blog, Ted Leonsis blog, etc) to an entity that could monetize it.
Imagine what ESPN or the New York Times would pay Mark Cuban or Ted
Leonsis for the webrights to their (major) blog posts? What are Kanye
West and Britney’s blog posts worth to Rolling Stone, TMZ or AOL
Music? The possibilities are intriguing to me.

As a former editor, I’m sure these newsletters will get enough inbound
links, re-tweets, buzz and page views to make it worth the $1,000 per
post price tag. If someone wants to buy the rights for the next ten
for $10,000 now I’m open to that. I will, of course, include Twitter,
Facebook, blog, etc. links to your post. Additionally I will mention
that you’ve bought the rights with the donation to charity in my email
newsletter (see below) which is now at 18k+ subscribers. Also, there
will be some good will created from making the donation to charity for
this content.

When TechCrunch and BusinessInsider have reprinted my newsletter (with
permission) in the past they have rocketed to the top of TechMeme and
created major discourse (and SEO). These would make a nice monthly
addition to the Wall Street Journal, AllThingsD, Huffington Post,
AOL’s Technology Channel, New York Times, NYT Bits, Gawker/Valleywag
or Newser. Anyone who wants traffic, inbound links and intelligent
passionate discourse in the technology space.

Thanks for considering this, and apologies for wasting your time if
you’re not interested. Very passionate about the scholarship program.
Feel free to forward to a publisher you think might be interested.

Here is the email I’m publishing today as an example.

all the best, Jason

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