Life is grand

104 thoughts on “Life is grand

  1. Congratulations Jason and family! This is by far your most promising and beautiful start-up, and your most important role to put passion, time and thought into. You’ll come to realize, as I did, nothing you accomplish through hard work will ever compare to this fascinating creation.

    What a special holiday time this will be in the Calacanis home! 🙂

    As in any high level start-up, implementing expert methodologies will increase efficiency and ultimately keep the headquarters running smoothly and cleanly. I’m talking about proper diaper changing technique here! I have a secret tip for fast, quick changes, and it’s proprietary. I will not have you sign an NDA, but will share the IP with you discreetly over a beer if you’d like. 😀


    Dave Cynkin

  2. Fabulous! After four of our own… Each one was a magical experience… Almost Tesla-like even 😉

    Congrats on your new adventure Daddy!

  3. It’s been a few years for me… (my oldest 12) but you have
    the same… “I’m happy, I’m proud, but that was harder than
    I expected” look about you that my Daddy photo around that time
    did. After my first I said, forget it, that’s it. Too
    stressful. Fast forward and I now have three. Congratulations!

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