Are you a developer who is bored with their job? Join Mahalo, sit next to me & have epic life! jason @

We’re hiring 15 developers in 2010 and I’m really excited about
finding great developers living outside of San Francisco, Los Angeles
and New York, who are looking to do something epic. If you’re living
in Ohio, Canada, Texas or some boring city then send me your resume
directly. Let’s get you out to sunny Santa Monica where you can help
us grow Mahalo from the 140th largest site on the web to the 14th!

Watch the traffic grow:

Can you help it grow faster?
Are you a super hard worker?
Are you able to learn new things quickly?
Want to learn about cutting edge technologies like Hadoop, cassandra and Django?
Want to work at a place that provides breakfast, lunch and health
snacks with a private chef?
Want a bucket load of stock options that might actually be worth
something some day?
Want to work in a company with no middle managers and TPS reports?
Want to move fast and learn something new every day?
Want to take five years out of your career path?
Want to have direct access to the CEO of your company and debate the
future of the web with him at any time?

Mahalo is where you need to be. Email me your resume at jason at

Want to punch a clock?
Want to keep your head down and collect a check?
Want to do the thing your good at and not have to mess around with
thing you don’t know?
Want to take long lunches?
Want to have a balanced life?
Want to take it easy and not stress out over the details?

Well, Mahalo is NOT the place for you. Please send your resume to!

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