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From my perspective countries like Afghanistan and Iraq are not interested in our way of life at this point in time. Our involvement in the region is meaningless if the people we’re trying to “help” are not interested in what we consider the finish line: democracy, equality and capitalism.

As such, I’m in favor of leaving the middle east and focusing like a laser on becoming energy independent. We can then disengage from the dictators and religious zealots we’re doing business with because of our dependence on their oil.

Over time they may, or may not, come to our way of life and leave their barbaric belief systems behind. However, we will not need to worry about this as they will have little reason to hate our way of life because it will stop impacting them with our nation building. In the off chance they still hate our way of life enough to try to destroy us we can simply, and sadly, annihilate their terrorist and weapons with our superior technology (i.e. Drones).

1. What do you think of my plan?
2. What do you think of Obama’s plan?
3. Which plan would you vote for?
4. do you have a better plan?

You can answer these questions over at Mahalo Answers:

Is there any way for America to “win” in Afghanistan? Is Obama’s surge meaningless? What other options do we have?

4 thoughts on “My plan

  1. I agree. We’re spending blood and money that isn’t making
    America any stronger – while the rest of the free & Chinese
    world is focused on kicking our A in the market and/or taking
    better care of their economies/health/etc.

    Obama is smart, but trying to have it both ways is wishful.
    Any why lose 3 months to announce a dramatic troop movement –
    in and out in 18 months. The logistics will be challenging.

  2. Your analysis seems to miss the point of realist engagement entirely.
    We aren’t interested in the neo-colonial-paternalism (after all we have plenty to do in the U.S.) the Afghans conform to our way of life, rather we are focused on narrow self interest — reducing Al-Qaeda safe-havens and securing Pakistan nuclear facilities from dangerous elements. The Af-Pak border is of vital importance to give Pakistan more time to handle their nuclear technology properly — and ideally reduce the historical tension between Pakistan and India (both India and Pakistan have nukes) so insure the radical Islamic elements within Pakistan are never able to acquire nuclear technology.

  3. @Lenley: I think your the one missing the point. I’ll explain why I tend to agree with jason.

    The amount of money we send overseas is just appalling.

    The multiplier effect our money has on the rest of the world is huge. That same multiplier would take effect if that money were switched to being spent domestically. We import 9,783,000 barrels of oil every day. At $70 a barrel thats roughly 257 billion we send overseas a year right now.

    The same goes with war spending. Obama is just going to repeat the problems created by FDR in WW2. Lots of great books on the subject:

    All that money spent domestically on innovation would allow folks like Jason to create those million + jobs that have magically gone missing over the last few years.

    I see a future full of Mars landings, bullet trains, and clean skies being squandered.

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