How to kill Google (or take 10 points of search search share in six months)

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[Note: This is the biggest news of the year. ]

Team Jason,

Not sure if you read Rupert Murdoch’s comments today that Newscorp will probably block the Google search spider from indexing their news sites soon. Essentially this means that you would no longer see the Wall Street Journal in Google results. Sounds crazy huh? Suspend disbelief for a moment please because it’s actually genius and it’s actually worked already (in Korea!).

In fact, a couple of weeks ago we had this *exact* discussion on This Week in Startups. Essentially, I put forth a simple strategy for Microsoft to pursue with Bing in which they would go to content providers like the New York Times or Wall Street Journal and offer them 50% more revenue then they are currently getting from Google search referrals to be exclusively indexed in Bing.

This is 100% legal and, in fact, Google encourages people who don’t like how they do business to opt out of the Google index (they can do that because they are so huge and because they don’t like to be evil).

So, for a moment, imagine a world where Bing could say in their TV commercials:

“Want to search the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today and 3,894 other newspapers and magazine?”

“Well, then don’t go to Google because they don’t have them!”

“Go to Bing, home of quality content you can trust!”

Background Videos

1. Video of me describing this strategy with Lon and Tyler two weeks
2. Video of Rupert’s comments today:

a) If 1,000 major publications pursued this strategy, would it work?
b) If you would only search the top 1,000 newspapers and magazines on Bing, would you use it? How often?
c) What is the percentage chance this will happen (I need a #), and why?

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Disclaimer 1: Newscorp is an investor in Mahalo.
Disclaimer 2: I haven’t spoken to Mr. Murdoch about this strategy.


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  1. Simple solution: just write a search engine that searches all the search engines and presents the results.

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