Keiretsu Forum still baiting and switching for $6,000 fee?!?!?

Just got this note in. Looks like Keiretsu Forum is still charging?!?!

———- Forwarded message ———-
Date: Mon, Nov 2, 2009 at 10:25 PM
Subject: Keiretsu Forum Fee
To: jason@

Hi Jason

There’s no mention about the fee at all on the website, so after
completing their detailed submission format, I’ve got a call from them
wanting to schedule a deal screening time. He then mentioned about the
fee, USD6,000, all this while I thought it was free.

———- Forwarded message ———-
Subject: Keiretsu Forum Project


Thank you for submitting your application to present at the Keiretsu
Forum chapter meetings in the San Francisco Bay Area on September 23,
24 & 25.  We will begin the prescreening process for the August
Keiretsu Forum meetings the week of Sept 7-11 and should be contacting
you within the next few days to coordinate a one-hour prescreening
conference call.

In the meantime, please review, sign, and either fax or send as a pdf
the attached screening agreement. Please note that we cannot set up
the prescreening call until we receive the agreement. Our fax number
is (415) 543-2007. I have also attached an article written by Ed
Harley, one of our most active members, on how to deliver an effective
presentation. It will provide a good reference for your future

Finally, please let us know your availability for a prescreening call
the week of September 7-11. It helps if you can provide us with
numerous available blocks of time.

Gene W. Chien
Entrepreneur Director
Keiretsu Forum East Bay/ Silicon Valley
3466 Mt. Diablo Blvd., Suite C-205
Lafayette, CA 94549
Office: (925) 283-8829
Mobile: (408) 833-0033
Fax #1: (925) 283-8159
Fax #2: (415) 563-2007

3 thoughts on “Keiretsu Forum still baiting and switching for $6,000 fee?!?!?

  1. Hey Jason, This letter is old. Notice the dates that the keiretsu letter refers to are from september so this letter predates September 7th and therefor the letter predates your Jihad on pay-to-pitch investors. Don’t like defending these guys but this isn’t proof that they are still charging.
    keep up the good fight

  2. Oh sure, a bootstrapping entrepreneur doesn’t have enough
    expenses already! Why not just toss some organization $6000
    so they can ‘maybe’ get investors for you! What bullshit!

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