Why are we in business with countries like Saudi Arabia? Energy independence is critical.

Lashes for Saudi woman journalist

By Sebastian Usher 
BBC News 

A female journalist in Saudi Arabia has been sentenced to 60 lashes over a TV show in which a Saudi man described his extra-marital sex life.

The programme, made by Lebanese satellite network LBC, caused a huge scandal in conservative Saudi Arabia when it was shown several months ago.

The journalist is one of two female LBC employees who have been arrested.

Mazen Abdul Jawad, the Saudi man who talked about how he picked up Saudi women for sex, has already been jailed.

The original programme was part of a series called Red Lines, made by the popular LBC network.

Saudi owner

It examined taboos in the Arab world. Unmarried sex in Saudi Arabia amongst Saudis – rather than expatriates – is one of the biggest.

Mazen Abdul Jawad provoked outrage by describing his techniques for meeting and having sex with Saudi women.

He tearfully apologised but was jailed for five years and sentenced to 1,000 lashes.

Three of his friends who appeared on the show got two years each.

Mr Abdul Jawad blamed LBC producers for tricking him.

The station's offices in Saudi Arabia were closed down and two of its producers – both female – put on trial.

LBC has made no comment about the cases.

It has long been attacked by Saudi religious leaders for being at the forefront of Arab satellite stations broadcasting programmes into the kingdom featuring scantily clad Arab singers and actresses.

Ironically, however, LBC is part-owned by the Saudi media mogul and billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal.

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  1. Jason, we actually import a lot more oil from Mexico and Canada than from the Middle East.

    The best way for us to be independent is let the free-market work and build good shit around here.

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