Corporate Policies on flu shots & coming back to work after the flu–do you have one?

We have two new policies on the flu due to Swine Fu concerns:

1. We are sending–and paying–for everyone for flu shots and keeping
track of those who don’t go. This will serve as a feedback loop for
everyone on the team (i.e. if people with the flu shots still get
sick, well, maybe we don’t do this program next year. If the only
people who get sick are the ones who don’t get flu shots, well, that
should motivate folks to get shots next year). I’m fairly certain we
can not force folks to get a flu shots. Also, I wouldn’t like being
forced if I worked at a company, so i think the open-minded approach
of “let’s monitor the effect of flu shots is most responsible and

2. We are not allowing anyone back into the office after flu like
symptoms unless they have a doctor’s note.

Do you think this is insane or appropriate? So far I have the support
of my team right now.

3 thoughts on “Corporate Policies on flu shots & coming back to work after the flu–do you have one?

  1. Seems reasonable but I’d use the “24 hours after fever diminishes (without drugs) for return. I’m pretty sure Drs don’t want to see people with the swine flu as long as they don’t have any complications and people aren’t going to want to visit the Dr.

    Also the design of this page is all messed up in Chrome.

    1. I agree about the 24 hours after a fever return. Doctors are being swamped and don’t need to see folks unless they have sever flu symptoms or if they are in the at risk categories. Jowever, I saw today on the Washington Post Web site, the H1N1 could be spread after the fever subsides. Who knows for sure, it’s a moving target.

      The formatting is messed up on my iPhone too.

  2. Doctors note is superfluous. Once fever subsides, the
    contagious period is past. Even schools, hotbeds of the flu in
    our home town, only require a 24 hour waiting period to return to
    school after the fever goes away.

    Chill out on the doctor’s note and save everyone some money,
    and the doctor’s time.

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