SOURCES: Keiretsu Forum changing its pay-for-play policies! Have we won already!?! (updated!)

Just got this in… breaking!

best, Jason


I thought you might be interested to know that I received an email from one
of the Keiretsu chapters [REMOVED] stating that they were changing their
policy on presentation fees and that for the time being are waiving all
presentation fees for “true startups”.

We are a [REMOVED NAME OF INCUBATOR] company and I was introduced to
the local Keiretsu
chapter through one channel or another. At the time I was not aware (or let
it get right past me) that there was a fee to present until we had been
asked to come in to the screening. When I told them we would not
pay they reassured me that the screening was free and that we could discuss
fees if we were invited to present to the forum. I figured it was a decent
opportunity for pitch practice and used it as such. And with all the hubbub
going on, I wanted to see the ugly underbelly. Well of course we were
selected (because we kick ass) and when I again told them no pay to play for
us, they informed me that they are changing their policy and that for the
time being the fees for “true startups” is being waived.

There is still a long way to go, but it is wonderful to see that you, with
the vocal support of Brad Feld, Fred Wilson and all the other outstanding
mentors we have been able to engage this summer, are able to make a

And if it does come to pass that you establish the Open Angel Forum, we
would love to be the first in line to present – both because we are actively
seeking funding and to show our support to you and the others involved.

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