Entrepreneurs: do not support the New England Venture Summit charging startups to present

Startups: Do not support events like this $1,500 to present New
England Venture Summit.

Take a moment to tell them that you don’t agree with them charging
startups and together we can crack the “pay to play” virus!

Note: if they wanted to charge you for a ticket, well, maybe…. but
to present? that’s not cool.

best j

From: Adam Negnewitzky [mailto:adamn@youngstartup.com]
Subject: re:The 2009 New England Venture Summit

I’ve included the details of the presenting opportunity. Companies who
would like to present should fill out our brief summary outline.

As you know this exclusive venture capital summit will bring together
over 500 Venture Capitalists, Corporate VCs, Private Investors,
Investment bankers and CEOs of cutting edge companies, and will
feature an impressive line-up of VCs on interactive panels; CEO
presentations and high-level networking opportunities.

VCs confirmed to speak include:

David Beisel, Vice President, Venrock Partners • Roel Bulthuis, Head
of Merck Serono Ventures • Tom Cain, Managing Partner, Sail Venture
Partners • Jon Chait, Partner, Dace Ventures • Andrew D. Clapp,
Managing Partner, Arctaris Capital • Dennis Costello, Managing
Director, Braemar Energy Ventures • Alan Crane, General Partner,
Polaris Venture Partners • Issam Dairanieh, Technology Principal, BP
Alternative Energy Ventures • Jens W. Eckstein, General Partner, TVM
Capital • Douglas Fambrough, General Partner, Oxford Bioscience
Partners • Matt Fates, Partner, Ascent Venture Partners • Teo Forcht
Dagi, Partner, HLM Venture Partners • Allison Goldberg, Director, Time
Warner Investments • Todd Hixon, Managing Partner and Founder, New
Atlantic Ventures • Stephen Knight, M.D., Managing Partner, Fidelity
BioSciences • Stephen Krupa, Managing Member, Psilos Group • Paul
Margolis, Partner, Longworth Venture Partners • Chuck McDermott,
General Partner, Rockport Capital Partners • Chip Meakem, General
Partner, Kodiak Venture Partners • Scott Requadt, Partner, Clarus
Ventures • Jim Sanger, General Partner, ABS Ventures • Amit
Srivastava, Managing Partner, Entrepia Ventures • Marc Weiser, Founder
and Managing Director, RPM Ventures among many others.

Featured Company Benefits include:

Recognition as Top Innovator
Access to leading VCs, Corporate VCs, private investors and investment bankers
Presentation slot
Three Complimentary passes for company executives
Additional discounted registrations
Two page Company Profile published in event guide distributed to all
attendees and investors
Media Exposure
Coaching & mentoring

Fee to present: $1,485

Deadline: The early deadline for applications is October 21st.

Let me know if you have any questions or would like me to send the
summary outline.

Warm regards,


Adam Negnewitzky

Senior Associate

youngStartup Ventures

Phone: (212) 202-1002

Email: adamn@youngstartup.com

URL: www.youngstartup.com

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