Freelance writers making $30-50 a month from their articles on Mahalo.

It’s so exciting to see our authors making $30-60 a month, month after month, for their wonderful How To articles on Mahalo. Imagine if you did one how to article a day for the next 100 days and 20 of them start making $50 a month… that’s $1,000 a month in reoccurring revenue over the next three years…. or $36k! we’re trying to build a partnership with our writers that is better than anything eHow, Associated Content, and Wikia offer. Of wait, Wikia doesn’t pay their people even though they’ve raised tens of millions in venture capital! (losers!!!).

We’ve got a huge number of authors CRUSHING it after just three months of revenue sharing at Mahalo. If you want to join Mahalo’s how to team email and read this how to join the mahalo how to team article.

here are the top couple of users for the past month… more details about top earners here.

2 thoughts on “Freelance writers making $30-50 a month from their articles on Mahalo.

  1. I assume that you’re talking about 20 articles increase to $50/month every month. That would mean that you first start at 20, then 40… then 60… and so on. If it was just 20 articles at $50/month, then it’s only $100/month recurring.

    That means that in 100 days (3.3 months), you only have a maximum of $330 per month unless the rest of your articles fall in line with actually making $50/month.

    That’s a pretty large assumption since every article has to hit the $50 mark and you wouldn’t do it in 100 days at the rate you’re calculating. And you would not hit the $36k number either, since it’s a graduated scale assuming that you hit the maximum of 20 a month at $50/month rate. Also, an article a day for 100 days means that you only make $100 (50/rate) for every 20. $500/month maximum recurring revenue.

    So… $100 + 200 + 300 + 400 + 500 + 7(500) = $5000 the first year. Second and third year are $6000 a piece, which means grand total is only $17000.

  2. I’m intrigued but skeptical… how many people aren’t making
    money for every one that is? Anyone could set up their
    own web site and rank pretty high in google… but the
    big problem is how horrible the ad biz is these days.

    I suppose the advantage is getting traffic from Mahalo in
    addition to ol’ Google.

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