Looking for a epic community manager with this epic job description

Hey you: Want to change the world, get rich, build something epic &
work alongside people that kickass as much as you do?

Join our company/team/cult!!!

We’re looking for a full-time community manager for our booming Mahalo
Answers product at our offices in Santa Monica. No remote workers
please! We’re looking for a web-native who lives in online
communities. Your best way to get this gig is to show a long history
of contribution in online communities like forums, delicious,
stumbleupon, wikipedia, your blog, someone else’s blog, twitter,
facebook, etc.

We’re looking for someone who LOVES to discuss, debate and socialize
online. This is a dream job for someone who is suffering from internet
addiction, ADD and/or OCD. Zero to three years experience is fine, but
what we’re really looking for is skillz, positivity, hustle and

Note: Mahalo is an intense, but fun, place to work. Here’s the list of
benefits in somewhat random order from my perspective:

1. Typically people who work here are given 2-5x as much
responsibility as they would anywhere else. As such, the amount of
experience you will get working at Mahalo will EASILY take five years
out of your career path.

2. We have Mahalo Fit Club/Tae Kwon Do five days a week at 6PM (free

3. Healthy breakfast and lunch are provided daily, plus cut fruit from
the farmers market brought to your desk at 3PM. We don’t order
unhealthy food, so combined with #2 you’ll “suffer” from the Mahalo
-10 (i.e. most folks who work here drop 5-10 pounds!).

4. You can have as many computer monitors as you like (I have two 30″
and one 24″ monitors on my rig).

5. You will get a nice chunk of stock in a company that is now the
179th largest in the United States after only two years. Our team goal
is to get to the top 100 sites in the next year and top 50 in two
years. It sounds crazy, but About.com, eHow, Wikipedia, Yahoo Answer
and Answers.com are all in the top 40 sites and our product is going
to be MUCH better than those products in the next year or two. That
leads us to believe, based on our delusional nature, that we can
actually be bigger than those sites.

6. Our investors include the most successful and visionary people on
the planet. They share our delusional world view and have blessed us
with years and years of runway (aka cash in the bank). These investors
include Sequoia Capital (which invested in Atari, Cisco, Yahoo, Google
and YouTube), Elon Musk (who did PayPal and is now doing SpaceX.com
and TeslaMotors.com), NEWSCORP (i.e. Mr. Murdoch) and my pal Mark
Cuban (who invested in my last company Weblogs, Inc. and gives me
great advice all the time).

7. There are no “eeyores” or a-holes at our company. They don’t last
and we rarely make a mistake and hire one.

8. We don’t have any politics or cliques in our company because it is
a *flat* organization where anyone can talk to or challenge any other
member of the team. In fact, there are no “managers” on our team
because we only hire self-starters who don’t need to be managed. This
makes working here unlike any other place I’ve worked. In those other
organizations you always wondered “how on earth does this person have
a job here?” and “what does that person actually do?” Well, we don’t
have “those” type of people.

9. You get to work for one of the most insane bosses you ever have.
After only a few months you’ll have a collection of brilliant startup
stories to tell your kids about the “good old days” when you worked
“Mahalo in year three!”

So, if you want to kick ass and you’re not lame write a really clever
and insightful cover letter and attach your resume to it. If you’re
too stupid to write a cover letter then we will delete your email
instantly. You would be amazed at how many folks will respond to a job
posting that requires a cover letter without one! Seriously, write a
cover letter and engage us. Sell us on why you rock!

Send *cover letter/email* and resume to apply@mahalo.com

Don’t email/tweet me directly… send your epicness to
apply@mahalo.com so the three people running traffic on this can
experience the greatness that is YOU!

Rock on, JCAL

One thought on “Looking for a epic community manager with this epic job description

  1. If you’re looking for a community manager, the first place that I’d is within your own community of users.

    As a community manager, you’re the face of the company to your customers. Unless you really in love with the product and passionate about what the company is doing, it can be really tough because you have to be on and going all the time.

    Good luck with the search!

    Community Manager for Clearspring

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