Freelance writers: Make $10-30,000 a year writing & managing How To articles at

Mahalo has established the absolute *best* compensation system on the
planet for freelance writers. Period.
We pay folks $5-10 to write a short how to article and then split the
Adsense revenue with users as long as they maintain and promote the
pages. It can take an hour or two to write an article (some people
spend four to eight!), and How to articles make between $10 and $2,000
a year for authors in revenue share. Yes, unlike other howto sites we
actually split the AdSense (cost per click) ads with our users!
If you can write 20 of these a week (four a day) part time, you would
has 1,000 articles in the next year. If you did half this amount you
would have 500 in a year. If those articles make $25-50 a year/$2-4 a
month in cost per clicks ads, well, you’re gonna make $25-50,000 a
We already have number of folks making over $20,000 a year doing this
and the program is only *two* months old. It’s not inconceivable that
in another six months some people will be making over $100,000 a year.
We have about 3,000 how to articles and we would like to get to
100,000 n the next year. That means the land-grab is on for those
97,000 articles and who gets the ones with the high CPMs. If you would
like to join Mahalo’s 30-person how to team now, before we reach our
100 how to writer goal, visit this thread:
HOW TO RUSH WEEK begins today!
and Check out Mahalo Tasks where it all happens:
And Check out these How to articles which we believe are VERY high quality:

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  1. If you are sharing google revenue, do you let Google handle the revenue split and transactions or do you scrape google channels via your adsense account?

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