WestSide Issue: Bundy Village & Medical Park Traffic disaster at Bundy and Olympic

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We really need to examine and possibly fight this. This project will
make cross the 405 at Wilshire, Santa Monica and Olympic even more of
a nightmare. We can’t build these huge buildings in the middle of our
gridlocked streets with a proper traffic plan.

I’m investigating it.

best j
From: Charles Grobe
Sent: Sunday, August 16, 2009 5:12 PM
To: ‘Charles Grobe’

Dear Friends:

A the new Co Chairman of the Brentwood Community Council
transportation committee, I recently attended a small meeting
presented by Cerrell & Associates, Consultants to the developer of the
above project.
The project will be built in a horseshoe from the west side of Bundy
to the north side of Olympic around the present Martin Cadillac
property which is located on the northwest corner of Olympic and
Bundy. It will contain two office buildings of 6 and 8 stories
containing medical offices and a Geriatric Specialty Hospital for a
total of 384,000 sq feet, a shopping center of 384,000 sq feet and 385
condos of about 700,000 sq feet for a total project size of about
1,300,000 sq feet. For comparison, each of Century Cities main towers
is 1 million square feet. The Project is scheduled to be built and
occupied by 2011, or perhaps later. The main concern is traffic.

The Project will occupy an commanding presence at Olympic and Bundy,
two of the most traffic impacted streets on the Westside, one – Bundy,
a main, heavily trafficked and sometimes gridlocked route to the 10
from Brentwood and the northern Westside, and the other – Olympic,
also a main, heavily trafficked and sometimes gridlocked Boulevard
route to the 405 from Santa Monica and West LA. In the conclusions of
the Projects Traffic Consultant, whose study was approved by the LA
Department of Transportation (LADOT), these streets and intersections
along with 38 others will be “SIGNIFICANTLY IMPACTED” by traffic due
to the Project, even after building the traffic mitigations which the
developers have agreed to fund in order to get approval for the
Project. For example, the Projects additional traffic will
“significantly impact” Bundy and Barrington intersections from San
Vicente Bl all the way to the 10, and south of the 10.

The project is very far along in the approval process. Its Draft EIR
was approved in June 2009 and I understand that Councilman Rosendahl
of our 11th District is leaning in favor of approving the Project. In
fact, I understand that there will be a meeting of Westside community
leaders this Wednesday, August 19, 2009, to give final input to the
Councilman before he makes his decision. Although there will be many
approval hearings after the Councilman makes his decision to which
community input is solicited, once the Councilman makes his decision
(on any matter) it is extremely hard for it to be overturned
afterwards – he is the key decider.

I and others feel that unless and until you find (mass transit or
other) solutions which would allow such new projects to go forward
without, at least, increasing present congestion, you shouldn’t allow
these projects. Other people feel that it is necessary to accommodate
an inevitably greater population in every local area, such as the
Westside of LA, and to do so it is thus necessary to develop housing,
shopping and other infrastructure to accommodate them at the
(everybody understands) cost of greater traffic congestion. These
people would favor the project.

The referred to study says that without any further development
Westside traffic will grow due to natural causes 1% per year. What
this will mean, for example, to the TIME it takes to travel a
specified distance along Olympic and Bundy in commute times I am not
sure. In fact I raised such “time” questions at the recent meeting and
got no answers. I was deputized by the group at the meeting to talk
with the Projects Traffic Engineer to ask this and other questions
about his traffic study. I hope to do this next week. If you have some
questions you want me to ask him please let me know by e-mail.

The pertinent filed documents on the Project, including the referred
to traffic studies, can be found at the following URL addresses:

1. The Draft EIR:
http://cityplanning.lacity.org/eir/BundyVillage/DEIR/index.html See
especially Part IV K “Traffic and Transportation”, 147 pages which is
the heart of the Traffic Study I am referring to.

2. The WLA TIMP:

An additional problem with approving the Project is that it will
inevitably open the dam for other large projects on a “why not me
also” argument and should make ANY zoning changes to increase
densities (and damm the traffic) easier to come by. For example, the
Casden people are proposing a large condo project just south of Pico
on the west side of Sepulveda adjacent to a proposed Expo line
station. Sure the Expo line will make it easier for some to get to the
project but what about the increased car traffic from the condo
project due to trips where the Expo line doesn’t go?

If you feel strongly about this Project you might let Councilman
Rosendahl know. Probably the best way is to e-mail his Northern
District 11 Director and Senior counsel – Norman Kulla at:
Norman.kulla@lacity.org. If you want to consider organizing to fight
developments that impact traffic on the West Side of Los Angeles, then
you might let me know at charles@grobe.com.

Best, Chuck Grobe

172 S. Woodburn Dr.

Los Angeles, CA 90049

Tel: (310) 476-3158

Fax: (310) 471-3880

E-Mail; charles@grobe.com

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