Michael Vick signs to Philadelphia Eagles

What is wrong with the NFL!??!!? Their players murder humans and dogs and they just let them right back into the game. Disgraceful.

I'm so done with the NFL…. I just can't support it.

7 thoughts on “Michael Vick signs to Philadelphia Eagles

  1. Agreed. I urge you to do it – quit the NFL. I’ve been a happier person since I swore off both MLB and the NBA, and I’ll willingly add the NFL to that list. Life’s too short as it is, where’s the point in wasting time and energy aggrandizing selfish, cheating psychopaths with a bloated sense of entitlement.

    I don’t want my one year old son growing up learning the lesson that exceptional physical skills is a free pass to flagrantly abuse the courtesies of a civilized society.

  2. Jason, are convicted criminals undeserving of a second chance?

    If someone has done wrong and paid the price as decided in a court of law, should he be ostracized for life and not allowed to resume his life?

    I’m not defending Vick’s actions, but two years of hard time in jail is nothing to scoff at.

    The man was at the top of the world and now he is deep in debt and has to start from the bottom again. Can’t he be given a chance to rebuild?

  3. Jason, should we continue to punish someone even after they’ve paid their debt to society as mandated by the courts? I thought we lived in America, where if you were accused, convicted, and punished for a crime, after you serve your punishment, you’re no longer continually penalized for past deeds?

    I’m not a religious person; far from it, but one of the more admirable tenets of many religions is a concept of forgiveness. Does that apply only to minor offenses? Or does it not also apply to gross wrongs against others?

  4. Let’s see Vick did 2 years in federal prison and will still not be eligible to play the
    start of the season. I assume by murder you mean Donte Stalworth who committed
    manslaughter with an auto while under the influence. Our justice system gave him
    24 days of jail time and the NFL commish gave him at least a year’s suspension. The
    direction of the league is to get tougher with offenders now than in the past. By not
    support you imply you won’t be watching NFL games. I find that very hard to believe.
    but whatever floats your boat. I watch the NFL for entertainment, not moral instuction.

  5. I think anyone who associates with this killer should get the same treatment he gave to his victims. Throw them all in a septic tank and close the lid. No, I don’t think his regard for life is better because he sat in prison for two short years. Everyone wants to see Michael Vick back on the field and all is forgotten. They should treat him just like they would treat a child molester or a serial killer which is exactly what he is. He just started with DOGS and got caught…. Aren’t dogs a living, breathing thing just like all of us!?!?
    Give me a break the Eagles can go straight to HELL with him……. God will be his final JUDGE.

  6. Anyone associted with the type of cruelty that MV was associated with, I don’t believe is CURED by serving jail time for it. Why did the Eagles sign him, because money and what they hope he can help bring them is more important than moral issues. Everytime I’ve seen him he appears to say some of the right things but looks smug at the same time. I haven’t seen him on TV, etc. doing anything for animal or any other rights for that matter. Blood sports are about as horrible as you can get. Making things worse to me is that he is being helf up as a role model for children. AFter he spoke at a Phila. HS a boy was asked how he felt about Vick’s visit. He said great ‘I know if I make a mistake I will know how to get out of it’ – words to that effect. Really encouraging. The Eagles, I believe have a PR person working with him. I ask, why should he need one? If he was really changed he should be out there doing lots of things to discourage people from getting involved in blood sports as well as giving huge donations to the agencies; e.g. Best Friends and others to help defray the costs that they incurred in rehabilitation. People who take advantage of any living thing that cannot defend theirselves is cruel in the extreme and COWARDICE.

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