Mahalo is looking for a GM of our How To group

If you know anyone who is insane, and who wants to work for someone as
insane as I am grow Mahalo from a top ~200 site to a top 100 site do
forward this on. 🙂 We’re open to a range of candidates with a couple
of year experience–but they have to be in Santa Monica (no remote).

 best j

Mahalo is looking for a GM of our How To group
We’re looking for someone to manage and grow our collection of “how
to” related articles. We currently have a couple of thousand articles
being created a couple dozens contributors. We would like to expand
this to be tens of thousands of articles managed by hundreds–perhaps
over 1,000–how to writers. We have a very innovative model where we
pay people not only for writing these articles, but also splitting
advertising revenue with them. Many of our how to articles make
hundreds to thousands of dollars a year, so it’s an amazing
opportunity for underemployed freelancers with a passion for online

 Some details:

 1. We’re looking for someone in Santa Monica for this full-time position.
2. We’re looking for someone with at least two or three years managing
online communities of writers.
3. This person must be self motivated and require little to no
management (we’re a flat organization).
4. This person must be able to deal with a maniacal CEO (i.e. me) who
is never satisfied.
5. This person must have perfect grammar and spelling, and be very
tech savvy (for obvious reasons).
6. Assorted technical skills like SEO, design, cleaning up photos,
HTML, video editing, etc. experience is certainly nice, but not

 Mahalo is a two-year old human-powered search engine (also known as a
“knowledge engine” by some) backed by Sequoia Capital, Newscorp, Mark
Cuban, Elon Musk, and CBS (among others). According to Quantcast we’re
the ~220th largest site in the united states. We broke eight million
unique visitors in August and we’re in very solid financial shape. All
team members get nice chunks of stock options, breakfast, lunch and
fruit service at 3PM. We’re a medium sized team (~30 folks), we work
really hard and we like to kick ass.

 If you like to kick ass and think you can take our promising how to
group to the next level send a cover letter explaining why you think
you’re perfect for this mission and your resume to
(no phone calls please)

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