my talk next week in NYC:The 10 Best Apps That Haven't Been Built Yet (+Assorted Observations & Insights Into The APPconomy)

Can't wait for digiday next week in NYC!!! 
all the best, Jason

Join The Industry Leaders on August 12th in NYC for the #1 Event on Apps!
digiday:APPS has the leaders in the APPS space coming together on August 12th in New York to share their expertise, vision and insights on the now, and the future of advertising on APPS! We have the creators of the #1 Facebook, #1 Mobile, #1 Women's Social App, #1 Branded App, and more who will share their secrets of APPS success with you…and your colleagues too!

jasonPlus, you'll hear from industry visionary Jason McCabe Calacanis during his keynote presentation titled – The 10 Best Apps That Haven't Been Built Yet (and assorted observations and insights into the APPconomy)

As a leading thinker in the startup space, Jason frequently delivers keynotes at the largest tech conferences (CeBIT, LeWeb, DLD), his newsletter is published by Newsweek, The Huffington Post, and Nikkei Japan, and he is regularly featured and quoted in major news outlets including Charlie Rose, CNN, 60 minutes, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and others.

You'll Learn:

  • What Apps are Best for Your Brand
  • Distribution and Discovery of a Better Branded App
  • How to Create a Succession of Sustainable Apps
  • From case studies in multiple categories: Facebook apps, widgets, cross-platform apps, desktop apps, and more.

You'll hear from Top App Experts:

  • Jason Richman, Director, Digital Product Strategy, NBC Universal
  • John Trimble, CRO, Pandora
  • Chris Cunningham, Founder, Appssavvy
  • Benjamin Mosse, Director, AP Mobile, The Associated Press
  • Steve Siegel, Mobile Solution Specialist, Microsoft Advertising
  • Mohan Renganathan, VP, Group Digital Director, MediaVest
    Jennifer Byrne, Business Development, Verizon
  • Ephraim Luft, CEO, Founder, Circle of Moms
  • Michael Lazerow, CEO, Buddy Media
  • Mitch Paletz Head of Premium Publisher Partnerships, Nokia Interactive
  • Kevin Nakao, VP of Mobile and Monetization, WhitePages
    And Many More!

What does the future hold for Advertising on Apps? Find out at digiday:APPS on August 12th, 2009, The W Hotel, NYC. Register Today! Space is limited!




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