Obama Jokes Socialism Poster

Your thoughts? 

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7 thoughts on “Obama Jokes Socialism Poster

  1. This is a powerful image. The USA was built of political
    satire. Our ability to portray our leaders and opponents any way
    we please without fear of reprisal is testament to the strength of the
    1st amendment. I posted it to my facebook page yesterday and it’s tdriveing my left wing froends crazy. Left leaners are emotional, visual people and they don’t
    like this at all. It takes away the charisma of their leader and
    showcases him as disturbed. His followers who take their visual
    queues from him are left speechless as they look through their
    blogs and talking points for some applicable bush-ism they can
    use to apply, yet none do. It’s almost like this unexplainable
    fear of Sarah Palin, a political nobody. She’s visually appealing,
    but ideologically threatening? I guess that since after 8+
    years of anger motivation, their emotions cannot convey how
    much this photo takes away the political left’s pride of
    association. It is, a powerful image.

  2. Perfection!!! “Does he look like a guy with a plan?” (lol) God I wish someone would have had the balls to do a counter information campaign like this and hang these during the election in opposition to those ubiquitous soviet style “HOPE” posters!

    BTW- How’s that “hope and change” working out for you?” Bwahahahahaha you dopes fell for that… Really?

  3. Palin T-Shirts that read “c*nt” under pic?
    Bush and Cheney mugshot posters?
    Now the right has their turn and libs are screaming.
    What’s good for the gander is good for the goose.

  4. I think this is an excellent poster. Nothing was done about Vanity Fair when they published a picture of our last President as the Joker. President Obama is worthy of this poster. He has earned it due to his Social agenda. A very fair assesment.

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