White House Beer Summit–Obama is impressive on so many levels… Thoughts?

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11 thoughts on “White House Beer Summit–Obama is impressive on so many levels… Thoughts?

  1. Impressive really? Micromanaging local issues. Doing
    a publicity by having some beers. The guy should have
    nothing to do with this issue. He interjected himself
    to defend a friend.

  2. On this issue, I am not impressed. On Healthcare, I’m slightly impressed. on the economy, I’m slightly impressed, on Job Creation, I’m very disappointed.

  3. Hi Jason, or should I say, Aloha?

    I am anticipating hearing more from both the Officer and Professor about the conversation and what they each got out of the meeting. I’m not so sure they really wanted to be there–especially officer Crowley whom I don’t think has shown any signs of understanding or desire to understand the situation from the point of view of Professor I’m guessing thasure if you’re set up for Mozilla.

    t Professor Gates is more willing to try to see the situation from the pov of Officer Crowley. And here, we have an impasse, most unfortunately. I’m happy President Obama made the gesture to bring all 3 men involved, together for discussion and I don’t think for a minute that we’ve heard the last of it.

    Many apologies for any typos or strange context as half of what I’ve typed, I cannot see. Not

  4. This is not real news, Jason.

    There is the Goldman Sachs scam, Cap and trade bill,
    health care bill, and much more going on…

    The government is trying to divert our attention to this BS.

  5. how does drinking beer make Obama impressive? this is nothing
    more than a presidential publicity stunt…and it looks cheap
    and fake at that.

  6. I agree – its a throwback to a more ancient and effective style of interaction

    plus, beer is a great leveler!

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