Free ticket to TechCrunch50 for retweeting/spamming your friends!

From TechCrunch today….

In order to build excitement for theTechCrunch50 conference we’ve convinced the bean counters at TechCrunch HQ to let us give away one $2,500 ticket a day for the next 45 days. That’s more than $100,000 worth of TechCrunch50 tickets.

So, if you’re broke, laid off or too cheap to buy a ticket, all you have to do is hit your followers with the hashtag #techcrunch50 at the end of each tweet. Every Tweet you send out is another chance to win the ticket being given away that day.

Every day we will pick one of the tweets from the previous day with the #techcrunch50 hashtag at random.

Some rules:

  1. If you do something insane like create 20 accounts and spam twitter with 1,000 tweets a second we’ll bounce you from the drawing (and they will turn off your account!).
  2. You can only win one ticket.
  3. We will announce the previous day’s winner each day at noon pacific or thereabouts on the@techcrunch50 twitter account.

Good luck and we appreciate your support in this attempt to leverage social media to promote the conference. :-)

Looks like hundreds of folks are participating already!

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