I think we've arrived! Mahalo used in 419 scam email!

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From: Alice Lewis [mailto:alicephlp@msn.com]
Sent: Friday, July 10, 2009 8:51 AM
Subject: Good day;
Good day;
I am Alice Philip by name, I am British citizen; I am working with
Lloyds TSB Bank in England. After going through your profile while
doing a little research, I have seen that you seem to be an honest and
trustworthy person who can handle confidential business.
I believe that you will keep this business confidential, I have a
client who has the sum of ₤8,945, 600 in his account with me, an
information came to me that he is among the victims who died in the
recent air crash of Air France Flight 447
, he died with his
entire family. He used his little son as his next of kin, who is also
a victim of the incident. Now there is no one to stand to claim the
money and access. Now, I want to move this money out before the top
officers and share holders of the bank will know and divert the money
into there private account.
The reason of contacting you is; I have decided to quite my job and
resettle in another country. I want the money to be moved to any
country where you will receive it and keep it safe for me until I come
over to meet you. What I need is someone that is honest and
trustworthy to receive the money for me and I think you might fit that
Before contacting you, I have made proper arrangements to enable me
move the money to any country of my choice without hindrance. You will
benefit a reasonable part of the total money for your assistance.
Reply this message as soon as you read it to let me know your mind
towards this proposal so that I will give you the full detail of the
transaction. I would appreciate it very much if you give me your
contact detail including your private phone number.
Alice Philip.

2 thoughts on “I think we've arrived! Mahalo used in 419 scam email!

  1. Just had to comment.

    I can’t believe scammers still use this m.o. It’s so 90’s.
    Only someone ignorant or just plain lazy will get scammed by
    this. They also send this scam through text(mobile phone).

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