GTDInbox extension for Firefox (Four Stars)

Yesterday, with 30,000+ emails in my inbox I declaired email bankruptcy and installed a really wicked Firefox tool called GTDInbox. It’s a tool based on the “Getting Things Done” management system and it’s fairly transfomative as a product. It allows you to group your emails in various pains in GMAIL assigning labels to them like Action, Waiting On, Finished and “some day.” It’s really elegent and simple and it frees your mind up because you basically “deal with” each of your emails–even if it’s to say “some day” or “waiting on stuff.”

Thanks to my buddy Ryan from CauseCast for suggesting it and showing it to me (CauseCast was in the TechCrunch50 last year, yes!).

[jc-mahalo GTDInbox]

[jc-mahalo Getting-Things-Done]

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