Tesla Motors Safety Recall Letter.. nice that Tesla will come to your house to do this!

What great service…. this is the first problem I’ve had so far, so
excited that they are so on it. My Benz and Mini have had 1-2 of these
type of things each.
———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Tesla Motors
Date: Thu, May 28, 2009 at 3:30 PM
Subject: Safety Recall
Dear Roadster Customer,
This e-mail is to inform you that Tesla Motors has launched a safety
recall covering all 345 Tesla Roadsters manufactured before April 22,
2009.  Please also refer to this pdf, which is a copy of the letter
you will receive by first-class mail shortly.
We decided to inspect the rear, hub flange bolts on several Roadsters
after one customer reported uncharacteristic handling. After a
root-cause analysis, our engineers determined that the rear, hub
flange bolts on a small percentage of Roadster vehicles were
improperly torqued during vehicle assembly, and we therefore decided
to conduct this recall. Lotus, which is the contract manufacturer of
the Roadster chassis, is conducting a similar recall covering some
Lotus Elise and Exige vehicles.
No accidents have been reported as a result of this manufacturing
issue, which is entirely independent of any component or function of
the Roadster’s all-electric powertrain.
We will make house calls to service your vehicle at your home or
office, or to pick up your car and take it to a repair facility if
necessary. The service will be performed at no cost to you and will
include a complimentary, full-vehicle inspection and software upgrade.
We plan to do everything we can to complete this recall swiftly and
keep customers satisfied. We strive to exceed your highest
expectations for customer service, and we encourage your feedback.
2009 has been an outstanding year for Tesla Motors thanks to your
support and enthusiasm. Without you, we wouldn’t have been able to
launch the historic Tesla Roadster, the first highway-capable
all-electric car — a vehicle that has already had a profound effect
on global automotive industry.
Thanks for your continued support, and please feel free to call
1-877-888-3752 if you have any questions.
Greg Zanghi
Director of Service & Parts Operations
Tesla Motors Inc.

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