Los Angeles I love you, but you're breaking my heart.

At the timestamp of this post I will be on the ground in the Valley. Quick 24-hour trip for two meetings and a speaking gig at Adeo’s Founder’s Institute at Stanford. Crushed working on M2 right now… We’re code complete on Friday and will let some beta users in over the weekend. The launch will come any time after that. I’m trying to figure out if we should do our typical “top 10” blogger/press tour or something different. Typically we pre-brief the press and let the high-quality outlets that have covered our space intelligently get a jump on the story. However, now that I’ve got the live streaming studio, the twitter fans/friends, my email list and the 100k+ folks Mahalo Answers users I’m thinking I might do a private password protected demo for top users. Thoughts? Make a big deal of the launch or just demo it on live video?
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3 thoughts on “Los Angeles I love you, but you're breaking my heart.

  1. Re your question of make a big deal launch or just demo it live – I think you should do both. Track the results. That is a story – big story in itself. Elaine

  2. I dunno. And don’t really care, either. It’s obvious
    Mahalo is going to be flipped and we’re all just a bunch of

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