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Today’s spam of the day… Discuss. 🙂
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From: Search Engine Listing
To: Jason Calacanis
Subject: Re: – ready to be listed
Sent: May 5, 2009 4:16 PM
Congratulations on getting your new online business started.
We just received your information for your new online store.
In order to get your website listed in the major search engines,
go to
This process takes less than five minutes to set up and ensures
an increase in visibility for the life of your business.
You currently qualify for a promo code which waives all
setup fees:
Your promo code is “1593”. Enter it at
Based on your website’s start date, your promo code for:
is valid through: 5/11/09.
Congratulations on starting your new online business!
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2 thoughts on “Spam of the day

  1. I recieved this exact email [different promo code] and almost immediately knew it was a scam! I dont even own an “online business”. My company has a website but our business if far from being an “online business”. Besides registering your domain name with the major search engines can be done FOR FREE by going to their websites.

    For instance: if you want to be searchable through all you have to do is type in “list my website with google” into the search field and googles help page with all the instuctions will come up. I hate hate hate spam, so if anyone gets this email, please dont give this guy your hard earned money so that he can use it to further bombard us with useless crap. Thanks!

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