NetFlix Blu-Ray bait and switch FAIL! Jump from $1 a month to $4 a month automatically?!!?

Just got this announcement from NetFlix… thanks for being a
supportive live-long customer…. we’re charing you $36 a year more
for BluRay discs a couple of months after we sold on this feature for
$1. Oh yeah….. if you don’t like it go turn off Blu-Ray.
———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Netflix
Date: Mon, Mar 30, 2009 at 11:06 AM
Subject: Price Change for Blu-ray Access
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Dear Jason,
You are receiving this email because you added unlimited Blu-ray
access to your account for $1 a month. The number of Blu-ray titles
has increased significantly and will continue to do so. As we buy
more, you are able to choose from a rapidly expanding selection of
Blu-ray titles. And as you’ve probably heard, Blu-ray discs are
substantially more expensive than standard definition DVDs.
As a result, the monthly charge for Blu-ray access is increasing for
most plans and will now vary by plan. The charge for monthly Blu-ray
access on your 3 DVDs at-a-time (Unlimited) plan will increase from $1
a month to $4 a month. The price of your 3 DVDs at-a-time (Unlimited)
plan is not changing and remains at $15.99 a month.
The new charge for Blu-ray access will be automatically added to your
next billing statement on or after April 27, 2009 and will be
referenced in your Membership Terms and Details.
If you wish to continue unlimited Blu-ray access for $4 a month, you
don’t need to do anything. If not, you can remove Blu-ray access
anytime by visiting Your Account.
If you have questions about this change or need any assistance, please
call us anytime at 1-888-923-0898.
-The Netflix Team
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Use of the Netflix service and website constitutes acceptance of our
Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
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6 thoughts on “NetFlix Blu-Ray bait and switch FAIL! Jump from $1 a month to $4 a month automatically?!!?

  1. Yeah, and? Can Mahalo do it cheaper? I pay cable 80$/month and I watch it less than Netflix. Can’t micromanage that low amounts.

  2. Jason, I’m with you. It’s not that $3 breaks the bank, it’s that just 5 months ago it was $12/yr and now it is $36 (+/-). How much more will it become 6 months from now? I wonder who advised them to jack up these rates again in one of the worst down economies in any of our lifetimes?

    I disabled Blu-ray on my account the moment I saw that email. I plan to call Netflix to let them know what a bad move this is.

  3. Blu-ray may be more expensive retail, but Netflix is a huge buyer. Beyond that, my vague sense is regular DVDs are less expensive than in the past. But it doesn’t really matter:

    I switched to blockbuster. they don’t surcharge for blu-ray.

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