Facebook now Framing Other sites? Really? Wow. NOT COOL.

9 thoughts on “Facebook now Framing Other sites? Really? Wow. NOT COOL.

  1. i think it’s just one way of telling people that this website don’t belong to facebook, although it’s being linked out. It’s also a way to keep them in the facebook loop so that they can come back.

    While it’s not cool doing that in most websites, social websites like this need some kind of protection because they are very much exposed in the social network, while they use it for communication.

  2. I know others will disagree with me, but personally I don’t
    have a problem with what Facebook is doing.

    The frame is subtle and allows others in the Tobias’ network
    to share or comment on the content he has shared. It is not
    intrusive and doesn’t impact the experience with the YouTube

    Since Facebook is making it easier for others to see the content
    I don’t see why it’s wrong for them to display the content
    within their frame.

  3. This is a very bad thing. This results in more fragmentation in terms of discourse online. One hub is a goal, not a fractured landscape made up of more pieces than a shattered pane of glass.

  4. meh. security feature for the lame. just click on the link to the right if you want to get rid of the frame..

  5. I like the idea of not having to go back just to comment or see comments. If there is something else other then a frame to do this, then use that. I’m not sure of what else would allow this.

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