Causecast's Mustache March: For Immediate Release 3/12/09

This looks super cool! CauseCast is a TechCrunch50 company! (and Mahalo shares space with them). they rock! 

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Date: Thu, Mar 12, 2009 at 12:12 PM
Subject: Causecast's Mustache March: For Immediate Release 3/12/09
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For Immediate Release: 3/12/09



in partnership with
Invisible Children, Farm Sanctuary, charity: water,
The Humane Society of the United States, Friends Of TOMS,
Global Inheritance, HOPE, Human Rights Action Center, Falling Whistles.

On March 19th at 4:30pm, the people of Austin will wear mustaches, fake and real alike, and march for what they believe in. No matter what their cause, South By Southwest artists, performers and attendees will come together to take over the streets with a friendly rally to raise awareness for the causes and issues they care about. From clean water to child slavery and healthcare to global warming, marchers and participating nonprofits will raise their voices as one.

Power in Numbers, Strength in 'Stache.

For those without a mustache, Causecast has their upper lip covered. Hundreds of fake mustaches and bandanastaches will be passed out throughout the week and at the beginning of the rally.  The peaceful footsteps of the Mustache-adorned crowd will rally on 6th St and Brazos and march towards the RVIP Lounge (location TBD).

Lindi Ortega (Cherrytree Records) and special guests will perform live from the RVIP Lounge as esteemed speakers address the new found coalition.

Far too often organizations and movements fight for the same exposure when they should simply collaborate to achieve their common goals.
The 'stache of solidarity will unite all causes, because together we will not be ignored.

Picket Signs, Bullhorns and Banners will be provided.
Stache or no 'stache, you don't want to miss this!

Contact: Nate Israel

The Mustache March Promo:

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Causecast is a coalition of change-makers, problem solvers and every day people working together to change the world. We build relationships with nonprofits, support leaders, produce content, break news, organize events, throw parties and develop the tools and resources we all need to take action.In short, Causecast is a community of people and nonprofits that are actively involved in causes like child slavery, global warming, mentoring programs, animal rights and autism research, just to name a few. We combine the powers of media, entertainment, philanthropy and business for the greater good.

Our community is growing and we're building a movement. Join us at


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Mustache_Flyer.pdf (2700 KB)

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