Mahalo Team goes for Korean BBQ after Tae Kwon Do belt test

One thought on “Mahalo Team goes for Korean BBQ after Tae Kwon Do belt test

  1. Does Mahalo have profits yet? WTF are you DOING?

    You should be a VC or a PR guy, not running another web company
    which we don’t need.

    BTW, why does your Comments box not “auto-return” but rather, scrolls
    indefinitely to the right?

    I like you. You are smart and interesting. But why is it that the way you
    treat (i.e. taking them out for a special dinner or to a freakin’ amusement park)
    your employees comes across as patronizing and pseudo frat-house.

    So Mahalo’s got money in the bank and with your current run-rate
    you can hang on for another couple years. Great, but so what. This fact
    speaks to your own personal skills of persuasion, which are awesome,
    but doesn’t say prove Mahalo will EVER make enough money to have an
    acceptable IRR. The longer you go the harder that IRR hurdle will become.

    Take the money from Mahalo and go back into the media business. You
    are a natural. There’s nothing better than listening to your podcasts (by
    the way, where is it?) or listening to you on TWiT. I am being completely

    Although not likely but still possible that someday Mahalo may someday
    be as successful as Twitter or Digg. But hey, from an IRR point-of-view,
    that’s damning with faint praise. Neither are profitable.

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