I just ordered two Tesla Model S: one for my wife and one to give away on Mahalo!

I just ordered two Tesla Model S’
———- Forwarded message ———-
Date: Fri, Feb 20, 2009 at 4:00 PM
Subject: Tesla Model S Update
To: “jason calacanis
Dear Jason,
We are eagerly anticipating the March 26 unveiling of the Model S
sedan prototype at SpaceX, home of the Tesla design studio near Los
Angeles. We hope to see you at this exclusive event where attendance
is limited to Roadster customers and select VIPs, and will be sending
official invitations soon.
Due to the overwhelmingly positive response from customers since we
provided a teaser photo last week, we decided to offer a special
opportunity to you – the early adopters of the Roadster. You have been
instrumental in our early success, and we appreciate your continued
passion and belief in Tesla’s vision.
Instead of waiting until March 26 to reserve a Model S Signature
Series, you may reserve one now for a $40,000 refundable reservation
fee. There will be 1000 Signature Series sedans each for US and Europe
delivery. As with the Roadster Signature Series, your vehicle
production number is a function of when the reservation payment is
At the launch party, we’ll open reservations for the Model S Signature
Series and the regular Model S sedans to everyone. According to our
current production plan, only the Signature series is expected to be
delivered in 2011, with regular production starting in 2012. Roadster
owners will receive a $10,000 discount off the final sales price of
the Signature Series Model S.
Please call us at 650-ktktktkttk or email us at
tktktktktkktkt@teslamotors.com for details and a reservation
agreement. The Model S aspires to become the automotive icon of the
21st century – a gorgeous yet practical electric vehicle that will
liberate even more drivers from oil addiction.
Doreen Allen

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