First Class vs. Coach

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  1. Well, actually is known that people sitting in the rear of a plane have 40% more chances to survive than the ones in the front…

    In fact I always thought the opposite! It’s stupid to pay double the price and double the chances to die in a plane crash 😀

  2. This is probably just because the first class f/a’s had more room and less people to deal with allowing for time to deploy the raft. As a f/a the first thing I thought was why they hadn’t deployed the rafts. I soon learned the allotted time they had to get everyone out and know it wouldn’t have been possible. The experience of this flight crew and seniority proved a huge benefit.

  3. Dude, I don’t know if your the one who made the
    First Class vs. Coach picture, I saw it on and
    followed the credit to your page. As an employee of USAirways
    of 23 years, I just want to the author that adding this
    caption to this picture is an absolute howl!! After working
    through several crashes that did not come out as well as this
    one did, plus changes caused by 9/11, being layed off 3 times
    of the 6 total layoffs I’ve seen during my time there, and 4
    mergers/consolidations of other airlines; This is definitely
    one of the few times in my career that this airline has
    made me laugh! Thanks!

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