Superbowl Commercials 2009

We’ve got a team of 20-30 Guides working today to profile every single moment of the super bowl, from the Superboal Commercials to the Coin Toss and on to the actual Superbowl game, the superbowl start time, superbowl coaches and Superbowl Scores (yes, there is a game!!!).

I’m looking forward to the Land of the LOST Superbowl commerical, as well as the Star Trek Superbowl ad

Also, we’re going to be asking M$250 in question in Mahalo Answers today…. all kinds of fun stuff like guessing scores, the coin toss, Bruce Springsteeen’s superbowl performance, halftime show, etc.

Here are all the commercials…. we’ve built pages for them already and MANY of them are leaked/available… happy hunting and if you want to do me a HUGE favor please share the list on your blog/email/etc. 

15 thoughts on “Superbowl Commercials 2009

  1. What happen to the famous post game commercial by DISNEY and the MVP? ? ? ? ? I THOUGHT THIS DAY WAS OVER!

  2. Although I could’ve done without the sexual content that was contained in some commercials (, one of the Doritos ads, etc.), there were some commercials that couldn’t help but make me laugh. I would say that the most hilarious one would be the Free Doritos ad. The co-worker with the crystal ball had the perfect voice for his role. “I think that’s a YES!” Other honorable mentions would be the Mr. Potato Head Bridgestone ad and the Cheetos Super Bowl ad. Also, just for fun, I’m going to highlight the Cash4Gold ad on the fact that they showed a golden toilet. XD

  3. Yes, I was very shocked by the commercial by Hundai. Offering the option to return your newly purchased vechicle if you lose your job in 09..

    This is what everybody is doing as well as myself.

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  4. They $3,000,000 for a 30 second ad is that right? I have an idea that would give any major company 18 months of world-wide TV coverage for less than $750,000…..

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