More Equinox spam

I keep getting these emails from different sales folks. Kind of sad that you have to spam former members 5x a week… Really.


From: “Hope Horner”
Date: Sat, 31 Jan 2009 13:26:21 -0500
Subject: Rejoin Equinox for $0!! :: Today Only

Last Day

Rejoin Equinox


Don’t let another month pass you by while you promise yourself that next month will finally be the month.

Get Started Today.

Call me or email me to set up your membership:  or  310.593.8888

In good health,


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Santa Monica, CA  90401
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3 thoughts on “More Equinox spam

  1. Jason, I agree, I keep getting the exact same spam from these
    guys… Curious why’d you leave them? Did you find someplace better?
    Keep up the great insight.


  2. I have been getting these for the last two years. Nothing I can do stops it.
    The best part is their entire opt-out / change email code is broken
    beyond repair.

  3. Oh, yeah, these guys are the bottom. Their standard (only)
    New York membership deal includes full year contract,
    out of which you can get out only in case of death
    or dismemberment of body parts, and then only if you notify
    them in writing within three days from the life changing
    event. It also renews automatically at whatever price they
    find fit each year, unless you notify them in writing
    two months in advance.
    Not sure if the same contract is used in California,
    New York might be a specific market where this type of
    customer abuse is considered classy.

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