Mahalo Answers Widget

The concept behind this new widget is that you can put it on your site
and showcase your expertise… and CHARGE for it! I’m not charging,
but you could put a minimum $10 tip amount for example.
More at

2 thoughts on “Mahalo Answers Widget

  1. I can think of lots of bloggers who should have this up on their sites.

    I’d be willing to pay them to answer my questions.

    I hope it spreads. I love what you guys are doing with Answers.

  2. Jason,
    I love distributed ask boxes and badges, but not sure of the functionality. For example, I’m on your site right now. Why would I ask you a question via the Answers widget ask box (thus going through a third party) as opposed to just leaving you a comment (like this)? Unless you’re charging for the answer in which case facilitating the payment is useful.

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