Best documentaries of all time…

I’m a huge fan of documentary film.

I just posted a question asking what are the best documentaries of all time… please help me answer it!
Some of my favorite ones of late:

Man on Wire — this film was brilliant and inspiring.

Deep Water — this film deeply impacted me.

Super Size Me — funny and informative.

Bigger Stronger Faster — really makes you think about personal freedom

The Kid Stays in the Picture — my inspiration

The King of Kong — most powerful story ever told… about video games (and man’s need to accomplish, well, something).

Hoop Dreams — the classic

big list here:

14 thoughts on “Best documentaries of all time…

  1. “let’s make money” – austrian filmmaker who also did “feed the world” –

    very impressive – check it out,
    cheers phil

  2. I’m a little late to the conversation, but here are some great ones beyond those you’ve already listed:

    – Capturing the Friedmans
    – American Movie
    – The Fog of War: Eleven Lessons from the Life of Robert S. McNamara
    – Spellbound
    – The Thin Blue Line
    – Grizzly Man
    – Air Guitar Nation
    – Jesus Camp
    – Bowling for Columbine

    Undeniably, of course, Hoop Dreams is the absolute best. Glad to see it here.

  3. “World at War” (1973). Yes, it’s in 26 parts, on 11 discs, but it’s the best documentary ever. It took four years to make, and cost almost a million pounds. Watch it and see for yourself.

  4. this is a very nice bbc series i just watched and it’s pretty nice …
    Absolute Zero 1: conquest of cold
    Absolute Zero 2 : The race of absolute Zero

  5. paris is burning
    on the ropes
    march of the penguins
    aileen 1&2
    dear zachery
    who the *** is jackson pollack
    trials of henry kissinger
    paradise lost 1 and 2
    the exiles
    autumn’s eyes
    the gods of times square
    rfk must die
    did we go?
    american assassin
    kens burns:new york
    crossing the line
    the man who skied down everst
    the gift
    everyone film of fredrick wiseman

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