Full-time Conference Producer, Santa Monica, CA


Note: Please forward this to anyone you think is ready to kill it in the event space.

Conference Producer, Santa Monica, CA

I’m currently looking for a full-time, year round conference producer to help me with my various events including TechCrunch50.com. The perfect fit for this job is someone who is a consumate networker who is relentlessly curious with advances in technology–and who obsesses over details. I’ve produced a couple of hundred events in over the past 12 years and the best conference producers I’ve worked with read everything available in the technology space, networked constantly (both online and in the real world) and focused on every little detail of an event.

Suffering over the details of an event is what it is all about in my experience. Is the moderator of this panel going to promote themselves or who bring out the best in the other speakers? Are the seats comfortable? Are we spending too much on flowers and not enough on perfect audio? Can we trust this caterer–did we triple check their references? Have we reached out to the right speakers, and are we accepting no for an answer too easily? Have we reminded everyone involved in the event of their logistics and roles?
Other details:
1. No event production experience is fine–I can teach you everything quickly.
2. You must be a non-stop killer who comes to work every day to win. I’m really old and set in my ways–I only like to work with hard working, positive people. If you’re an Eeyore don’t bother applying. If you’re looking for life work balance at this point in your career more power to you–but don’t apply because great things are rarely accomplished without massive sacrifice.
3. You must live in Los Angeles and as close to our office in Santa Monica as possible.
4. You must be active in social media–or willing to do so (think blog, twitter, Facebook, etc).
5. You have to be hard working. During these events we work for 20 days in row before the event for 12+ hours a day (we then decompress afterwards). Did I mention it’s hard work?
6. You must have style, grace and intelligence. You must be able to carry on a professional conversation with a celebrity, a famous CEO or the no-name entrepreneur who might be building the next big thing.
7. You must be able to solve problems. If a cup of coffee spills at an event you–like I do–jump down and clean it up. If a VIP needs to get a suite set up, be picked up at the airport and gotten a reservation at a famous sushi bar you gotta get it done. Events are about being relentlessly creative in solving tasks on your feet.
8. You have to be able to lead freelance staffers.
9. You don’t need to manage accounting or do the A/V, but you need to manage the folks who do that.
10. My preference for this position is someone who doesn’t have a ton of experience and who wants to learn on the job. Someone looking to prove themselves and get a big jump start in their career is best.
If you’re interested send me a cover letter, URLs and a resume to jason at calacanis.com with the subject line Conference Producer. No phone calls please.

6 thoughts on “Full-time Conference Producer, Santa Monica, CA

  1. Jason,
    I’m on vacation right now and can’t send any info over but want to apply. I’m writing here via my phone.
    How long are you accepting resumes and would you be willing to talk on the phone as an alternative?

  2. I would love to do that job. The only issue being that I would have is that I would have to relocate, which isn’t much of an issue as I am looking to relocate to anywhere anyway.

    If you are interested in looking at somebody willing to relocate for the job, I will happily apply. I think it would be an amazing experience.

  3. If I wasn’t tied up in Palo Alto, I’d be game, Jay…How about a presence in palo?
    Anyways, hope you find someone. Mark 🙂

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