How to behave at the baggage claim

1. Do not jump over someone’s back to get your bag, knocking their blackberry ten feet and breaking it into three parts.
2. You get multiple shots to get your bag as the carousel is never-ending! You don’t have to leap over a person to get it the first time–it will come back around (or you can follow it around–thats how circles work!).
3. there is a 20 foot section 10 feet to the right where no one is waiting. You are allowed to use those spots–and its a better option than knocking someone over.
4. If you get a luggage cart you are NOT required to slam it into people ankles. Its best to leave the cart behind you, not in front or next to you.

4 thoughts on “How to behave at the baggage claim

  1. Number four… yeah. I hate it whenever people bump into my
    ankles with anything. Then, I’m always paranoid that someone
    else is going to do the same thing.

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