my first computer: The IBM PCjr

Man I loved that little guy… he’s still in the basement.

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5 thoughts on “my first computer: The IBM PCjr

  1. Jason, what’s with this random stream of consciousness we’re getting latley? I thought you’d retired from blogging?

    Can you shed some light on where this blog will go over the next few weeks / months? I’m giving your feed valuable attention in my feed reader, but I’m not sure what I’m getting from it, a series of photos posted from your iPhone. Do you plan to resume posting on the blog? I’m not sure if I want to continue to follow this feed or not.

    Also, as I post this comment, the text box extends to the right, underneath the sidebar, so I can’t see the right hand side of this comment box for the flickr widget on top of it.

  2. Oh I so remember that computer! My buddy had one and I used it to type a
    paper or something. At the time I think I had a C64 or something
    like that.

  3. My first machine was an Amstrad CPC 128k, one of the earliest to move from cassette tape to Floppy Disk.

    And they wander why Alan Sugar is a legend.

    Mine is not in the basement though, my cousins spilt milk all over it. Guess that killed it.

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