A blog post regarding the fact that I’m still retired from blogging

Couple of quick updates since folks seem a little confused about my where I went and why.

I’ve retired from blogging as per the previous post titled “Official announcement regarding my retirement from blogging” on July 11th. It’s been five weeks and I don’t plan on coming back to blogging. I’ve had a wonderful time writing my personal emails to a smaller audience of 4,000 dedicated subscribers. If you would like to join the mailing list you can do so here: Jason’s List. I’ve been writing 2-5k word thought pieces on the email list, and I’ve found it to be very rewarding in a way that the mud pit of blogging isn’t.

Now I still love blogs: still read them, still comment on them…. but I’m trying to find my voice again–my true voice. There is something about the acoustic, intimate nature of email that is impacting how I write. I’m writing every sentence as if I’m looking someone in the eye and speaking directly to them. I’m thinking about the economy of words again. I’m trying to say things in as few words as possible, and I’m cutting sentences, paragraphs and pages more than I’m publishing them. I’m proof reading again, and C.K. Sample is proofing for me. It’s a new, slower and more considered process and I’m loving it. I’ve published ten emails or so and I’ve thrown away at least 30. Somethings happening, but I don’t know what it is.

Over 100 folks respond to every email and I try to respond to every single person. Some of these emails are five pages and I read every single word. No one else sees these words–they are between me and the reader and that is also wonderful and true. Posting to the comment section of a blog is meaningless when compared to sending an email containing your thoughts inteneded for the author. Folks say very, very deep, true and honest things in one to one communications that they can’t say in a blog comment. I love that.

Some folks believe that I’m wasting the discourse and that it should be open to the public, but opening it to the public would bleach it. So, thanks for reading and I’ll see you in your email box…. or not.

Couple of quick links:

  1. I’m working on the TechCrunch50 conference taking place on September 8-10th in San Francisco (it’s like the old DEMO conference without the $20k presenting fee). I’m partners with Mike Arrington on this event, where fifty brand new companies will launch. If you’re part of the Jason Nation you need to be at the event, and we can work out the details of you getting there–just email me if you’re having a hard time with it (if you can afford the fee just pay it–the conference needs the support. If you can’t ping JCAL).
  2. The New York Times covered the TechCrunch50 conference today, and Arrington responded with his wonder “Pouring our Heart Into TechCrunch50” post which sums up how the entire team feels about the event.
  3. I’m hard at work on Mahalo.com and we’re on track for a record month again in August–the slowest month of the year. That feels great.
  4. I’m thinking of turning this blog into a linkblog… like my own personal delicious. Thoughts?

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4 thoughts on “A blog post regarding the fact that I’m still retired from blogging

  1. Know you stopped blogging…. whatever. I never started.

    But why no dates on the posts. Usually a sign of sites to stay away from.

    And why no correction of an obvious mistake on a recent post.
    “…Couple of quick updates since folks seem a little confused
    about my where I went and why.”

    Gotta assume nobody is reading. Or you are too busy, whatever.

    First time to stop by your site. Like hearing you on TWiT,
    not ready to sign up your mailing list.


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