Google’s “this site may harm your computer” warning

Has anyone seen this before?

This is the first time I’ve seen a safe search warning. From Google:

  • “We want our users to feel safe when they search the web, and we’re continuously working to identify dangerous sites and increase protection for our users. This warning message appears with search results we’ve identified as sites that may install malicious software on your computer.”

Here are the follow up messages… wow, this is very cool. Right?

8 thoughts on “Google’s “this site may harm your computer” warning

  1. I think that Google dropped the ball on this “feature”. I cannot see any non technical user figuring this out.

  2. Today (31 Jan 2009) is the first time I have see the warning
    under every search result. Using Ubuntu. See it also on
    my husbands Windows.

  3. well … all the pages that I am trying to visit now have this
    warning and I can’t visit any site anymore!

    Does anyone know anything about this?

  4. everything today results in that…. used to only see it for actually bad sites.. major problems it seems

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