Tesla #16 on the way

In another month to six weeks I should receive delivery of my Tesla Roadster. Right now I’ve got production model #16 in the Signature 100 collection.

My plan is to do a daily video blog about the car, what kind of millage I’m getting, reactions from people, and my thoughts on going green. I’m also going to be looking into solar panels for my garage (and maybe Mahalo HQ) which I’m hoping will give me the ability to charge the Tesla and be 100% OFF THE GRID.

As you can see I’ve selected orange for my Telsa (orange and blue are my favorite colors).

I’d say I’m excited… but that would be an understatement.

I’ve also got a crazy idea: figuring out a way to GIVE AWAY on Tesla on Mahalo. I’m thinking if I can come up with a contest that drives $150,000 in value for Mahalo. My math is that if we can generate like 30-60M page views based on a $2.50 to $5 CPM for an ad unit or something we could do it. Of course, the person would have to pay tax on $125k car, which would be a LARGE chunk of change I’m thinking.

Thoughts on running a contest?

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