AlwaysOn conference payola: only $1,000 a minute! 1/3rd the cost of DEMO’s payola!

The DEMO conference isn’t the only payola game in town…. looks like Tony Perkins is trying to get a $1,000 a minute from startup companies to present at his conference. Now, that’s like $2,000 less than DEMO charges per minute, so I guess it’s a deal!

Here’s how they get you… first they send you a “congratulations!” email (just like a spammer), then they break the news of the fee to you.

from Erin Elton <>
to jason at
date Thu, Jun 19, 2008 at 10:12 AM
subject Opportunity to Present at Stanford Summit July 22nd-24th

Dear Jason,

AlwaysOn is pleased to Present the 6th Annual Stanford Summit, the Premier Event of the year for VCs and CEOs of Private Emerging Technology Companies, July 22-24.

Produced by AlwaysOn in conjunction with the Stanford Univerisity Technology Ventures Program, the Stanford Summit will take place on the historic Stanford Campus in Palo Alto, the birthplace of Silicon Valley and hundreds of companies — from Hewlett Packard to Google — over the past 75 years! Over 1,000 VCs, Corporate Buyers, Entrepreneurs, Investment Bankers, Analysts, Lawyers, Limited Partners, and Media from the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Middle East will attend this event. AlwaysOn will deliver a first rate Program consisting of Panels and CEO Presentations, creating a great environment for networking, deal making, and transacting. Attached is the Agenda for the Conference, to date

We would like to Invite you to Present a CEO Showcase at the Stanford Summit — A Six Minute Pitch in front of Conference Attendees — one of the most Influential Audience’s of Investors and Technology Executives assembled Anywhere!

Whether you are looking for Funding or to Build Brand Awareness, a CEO Showcase at Stanford is one of the Best Investments you can make.

To learn more about this Opportunity, please Email me at, or feel free to call me at

We Look Forward to seeing you at the Stanford Summit!

— Erin

Erin Elton, Sr. Associate, Business Development
AlwaysOn, 714-474-4761


Then I ask for more details and they let me know that SPACE IS FILLING FAST!!!


Hi Jason,

Here is the agenda and attached is the proposal – we are very excited about this event as it is our flagship and already filling up:) Please let me know if you have any questions or would like me to reserve a spot for Mahalo!
Erin Elton


Then after I make fun of them for charging $1,000 they follow up….



only $1,000 per minute to present?!?!?!

wow… that’s great!!!

you seriously think I would pay you $1,000 a minute to go on stage!??!?!?!

come on, really.

payola = lame!

best j

Erin responds:

I know right? What a great deal! I am glad you think so too – I know it is a lot for a start up but every company that you see on there is paying. It is a great marketing opportunity for them and hey, if you meet the VC and work the deal that lands you $10 million for your next round then it is well worth the investment.

We are always here…
Erin Elton



Here’s their form to signup now after the jump….


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  1. Jason – thanks for posting this. I was recently contacted by ‘Adam’ at AlwaysOn regarding a ‘CEO Showcase’ opportunity at an AO event in DC. They were just slightly too persistent in contacting me about the ‘opportunity’…I figured something was up. Thanks for clarifying their pay-to-play model. No thank you!

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