Shout outs to my peeps for June

Once again it’s time to recap the coverage and conversations in and around the JasonNation. Here are my shout outs and comments. If you commented on Calacanis, TechCrunch50, Mahalo, or JasonNation in June and I missed you please post it in the comments. Shout outs for April/May.

Speaking gigs:

  1. July 8th, Silicon Valley: I will be speaking at the Search SIG.
  2. Looks like I’m going to London for the Future of Web Apps. Kevin Rose and I will be having a pub crawl–details to be announced when he agrees. 🙂


  1. Rich DeMuro interviews me about Twitter on KCAL 9.


  1. Excellent story on bridging the gap between journalism and search.
  2. Nicole Ferraro of interviews me about Mahalo.
  3. Alex Barrera of Always New Mistakes talks about Next Gen search engines.
  4. Brad Trechak at TVSquad picks up on Mahalo coverage of JJ Abrams Fringe viral marketing
  5. the super smart ShowMoney mentions Mahalo in this recent Q&A.
  6. Mahalo added support of the Universal Edit button.
  7. loves Mahalo.
  8. Sean Percival left Mahalo. 🙁
  9. Ron Bailey show’s us his Mahalo (towel)
  10. Another towel out there in the wild.
  11. Excalipoor got his towel… respek!
  12. Bobby Edwards shows off his Mahalo towel… happy days!


  1. Pat Phelan says you gotta be at TechCrunch50. He’s right!
  2. We’ve added a bunch of experts to the TechCrunch50 panel including: Marc Andreessen, Roelof Botha, Ron Conway, Chris DeWolf, Dan Farber, Om Malik, Marissa Mayer, Sean Parker, Kevin Rose Sheryl Sandberg, Yossi Vardi, Jeff Weiner, Marc Benioff, Don Dodge, and Mark Cuban. Wow.
  3. Chris Shipley of “$18,500 for six minutes on stage” DEMO conference fame claims “payola” is the wrong term for charging startups $3,000+ per minute on stage. OK, sure… it’s not the perfect word, but it’s darn close. Most folks going to DEMO two years ago didn’t know people paid to get one stage.
  4. Shipley follows up to try and spin TechCrunch selling tables at a party as the same as DEMO charging $18,500 to present as the same things… yeah, sure.


  1. While in New York I had dinner with Mark Pesce, Loren Feldman, John Brockman, Katinka Madson, and the triplets (Mary, Meghan, and Julia). This, of course, lead to a flood of media coverage. Clearly a slow day in the blogosphere. coverage by: Mary, Meghan posts photo, then a video from the cab,
  2. Some feedback on my use of Twitter from Bora Zivkovic.
  3. Izea (fka Payperpost) CEO Ted Murphy on my Twitter brilliance.
  4. Sebastian Keil, born in 1974, talks about the “sky computing”/redundant cloud computing conversation that occured 40 minutes into Gillmor Gang recently. I respond in comments that we leave the best conversations until the end of the show on purpose–which is sort of true in fact.
  5. Andrew Paterson reads from the book of Calacanis on his tumblr.
  6. Yes, I moved waaaaay up the Tesla 1,000 car waiting list–to number 16! Yes, It’s good to be JCAL. Valleywag states Calacanis insufferability index will reach new high. Ha!
  7. Lew Rockwell gets upset about my post on Obama babies… not realizing it’s strictly a traffic play, and that in fact I’m a libertarian just like him: less government=better government.
  8. Profy comments on the never ending battles that make the blogosphere so delightful. Yes, I’m involved in half of them. Seriously, the great thing about the blogsophere is that it is NOT always civil, it’s frequently passionate, personal, and deeply critical. The value of the blogosphere is it’s raw nature. Sometimes that rawness can hurt folks, sure, but a little bit of pain results in a lot of gain in terms of moving discussions forward. Lighten up folks, they’re just words.
  9. Congrats to Nate Westheimer on getting an EIR position.
  10. Some VC in Flordia who’s going to lose a lot of money on PayPerPost suggests we all take it to the fight club. Ummm…. no thanks.
  11. My pal Allen of CenterNetworks continues to obsess about all things Calacanis in this post about how twitter is an amazing marketing tool, but the down time is killing it. He is correct that the number of clicks I’m getting per posted link goes way up and down based on twitter downtime.
  12. Justin Thorp mentions my “finding your moment” post in relation to his position at Clearspring. I was kind of surprised that so few folks got into that post… I thought it was one of my better ones. Go figure.
  13. Saul Hansell of New York Times gets my thoughts on AP News attacking bloggers of fair use.
  14. Super smart TechNosailor talks about doers and talkers–says I’m both.

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