Freelance writing, working from home

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Now that our Guide Notes are longer, and we’re taking more time to do citations in them, we need to expand our writing team. As such, we’re looking from freelancers looking to work 20-40 hours a week from home. You must have the ability to write well at a decent pace.

Most of the folks who’ve excelled at this work are english majors and/or teachers (think SAT prep teachers/tutors, college writing mentors, etc). It’s not huge pay, but at $10 an hour working from home there aren’t many jobs out there that beat it.

Also, there’s plenty of work and it could lead to more project based stuff like our how to articles. If you’re interested please email our editorial director C.K. Sample at ck <at> You can see CK’s post about freelance, work from home writing here.

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